Podiatric Laser Treatments

Schussler FootCare Centers offers podiatric laser treatments in Clarksville, TN. These treatments are pain-free, drug-free, and provide treatment for a variety of podiatric conditions, (link to services page) eliminating the need for surgery.

What is laser therapy?

laser therapy in Clarksville, TN

Photobiomodulation or laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light (red or near-infrared) to create therapeutic effects. It has many positive effects on patients including: decreased swelling, increased circulation, pain reduction, and improved healing time. This treatment type has been used widely by physical therapists, doctors, and nurses as far back as the 1970s. The FDA approved this treatment in the United States in 2002, and now it is used extensively across the country.

During treatment, the infrared laser list interacts with tissues as a cellular level and increases metabolic activity in the cells. This improves nutrient transport across cell membranes and initiates the production of cellular energy, which then leads to the increased health and function of the cells.

This treatment type can help with a variety of foot ailments including: sports injuries, osteoarthritis, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, stress injuries, plantar faciitis, ligament sprains, Morton's Neuroma, and Diabetic Neuropathy.

What is treatment like?

Patients feel little to no sensation during laser therapy treatments. A mild, soothing warmth or tingling may be felt occasionally, and areas of inflammation may be sensitive for a brief time before pain is reduced. A typical treatment time is about 3 to 9 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. In the over 40 years this treatment method has been used, there are very few side effects reported by healthcare providers and patients.

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